HAVING FUN IN SARDINIA⎜and the victory at the Ford Kite Cup


Last month was pretty exciting for me as I was enjoying my ‘free’ time in between the competitions. I went to Sardinia to practice freestyle on the flat water, hit the skyhigh monster rail, got physically stronger, and enjoyed my free time 🙂 After the amazing time I went back to Poland to compete in the first edition of Ford Kite Cup. The conditions were very challenging as it was cold, but I managed to stick few tricks and have won the event.
Check out all of my kiteboarding adventures on my youtube channel @karolinawinkowska !


Il mese scorso Karolina Winkowska è stata in Sardegna, a Porto Botte, per allenarsi e riposarsi prima di tornare alle competizioni. Dopo la Sardegna, è tornata nella sua Polonia, per competere, e vincere, nella prima edizione della Ford Kite Cup.

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