The Top 5 kitesurf online stores in Europe with best deals and discounts


Best kitesurf shops online in Europe

Here you can find the Top 5 ranking Kitesurfing eCommerce stores in Europe, considering: Assortment, Prices, shopping experience, service, customer satisfaction.

1The Kiteworld Shop

This European kitesurfing online store has the best customer service in this list with 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot, the widest range of products, some of the best deals on the market and a very good website in 5 languages.

Strong points:
– Top customer service
5 languages available (Italian, English, Spanish, German, French)
– Wide assortment (Kites, SUP’s, wetsuits, Wing surf, accessories)
– Almost all of top brands available
– Very good prices
– Amazing Deals
– Professional and efficient live chat support
– A lot of different payment methods
– Fast shipping (Worldwide)
– Efficient order tracking
Free shipping (In Europe over 59,99€)
Well made ecommerce platform




This UK kitesurf online store has a large assortment and very good deals.

Strong points:
Wide assortment (Kites, SUP’s, wetsuits, Windsurf, wake, accessories)
– A lot of top brands
– Prices
– Deals
– Professional and efficient chat live
– Free shipping (in Europe for some countries)
– Good ecommerce platform




This German kitesurf online store has some of the best deals in this list but they are good just on close-out products, in addition to that there are several claims in Trustpilot and forums about real products availability and they very poor customer service.

Strong points:
– Prices
– Deals (Close-out)
– Assortment


This Greek kitesurf online store has some interesting deals but just on Cabrinha and Duotone products.

Strong points:
– 2 Top brands
– Good deals
– Free shipping


This French kitesurf online store has some interesting deals in used products and good offer about new products, but just French language 🙁

Strong points:
– Good customer reviews
– Wide assortmet
– Top brand
– A lot of services