The Coast


Nella vita, insegui i sogni, sii felice, non farti scappare l’amore, segui le tue passioni… osserva le magie della vita…

When Hayden Peters was nearly 30, his life changed. Doctors told him that he could very well have a genetic disease that would kill him. They said he should consider “end-of-life” plans. They told him that he shouldn’t have children.  The results from the tests took three months to come back. “In those three months,” Hayden says, “I had no idea if I was going to have a long, fruitful life or a short one. It was horrifying.”

But it also made him look at life in an entirely different perspective–one that recognizes the importance of truly living, not just going through the motions. “I want to be in places that scare me. I want to be in situations that scare me and bring me closer to the things I love,” he explains. “When I get in the ocean, I am vulnerable. I am at the mercy of the ocean in every single way–and I know that. I give up control on the beach.”

The ocean is a powerful place. For Hayden, it put things in a sharper focus. His problems, once seemingly so huge, became smaller. They became easier to manage. “For me it’s like being a guest–a temporary guest. You get to say hello and observe, and maybe learn a thing or two,” he says. “I see the magic of life. I see the things that are truly meaningful to me. The experience that makes me a human being… that makes me alive.”