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Naish Kiteboarding 2017 – Join the Movement

Naish Kiteboarding 2017 range Naturally driven to shake things up, innovation is in our DNA and the 2017 season does not disappoint. The new line-up features...

December 9, 2015 Peahi (Jaws) Maui multisport sessions

Maui's finest watermen including Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Robby Naish, the Porcella brothers, take on Jaws with all their know how. Windsurf, kite surf,...

Training for King of the Air 2015 with Team Naish

As host to kiteboarding's biggest legends and promising up-and-comers, RedBull King of the Air is a contest of epic proportions with riders, media and...

Over The Ocean And Through The Woods

Prendi un grande, un grandissimo, Robby Naish, aggiungici un altro americano fuori di testa, Jesse Richman, e un Olandese Re del Big Air...mettili su...