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The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing – Amazing video from North

The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing, in Jaime Herraiz´ words: "These guys have picked up what we had and created a full sport!" Follow the...

FreeRide Project 3 – Movie Trailer 2016

FreeRide Project 3 Its been a while since my last movie, however it has been on my mind to make another one for the last...

10 Common Mistakes All Kiteboarders Should Avoid

10 Common Mistakes After spending some time at the JT Pro Center I have seen my fair share of kiteboarders from all level and experience...

Noè Font – Regenerated

Welcome to the first chapter of the rest of my life in quintessential Brazil. THE END IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL GREAT THINGS. Noè Font. Filmed by...

Finding shade in Indo – Big Waves Video

Finding shade in Indo When it comes to waves, there's no place like Indo. Flying in from all corners of the globe, our World Class...


1 day. 3 dudes. 5 rails. With an all time forecast on tap Noe Font flew out to Canada to meet up with Sam Medysky...

How To Make A Kiteboarding Movie

Over our many years of kiteboarding in Brazil. We have finally come up with the formula to put together a kiteboarding movie. With a...
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“The Most Gangsta Kite Movie” @ProKite Brasil

"The Most Gangsta Kite Movie" No time for jokes in this kite movie with full-on gangsta kite action of brave homiez in Uruau, ProKite Brasil....
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Airton Cozzolino Video – At the speed of Now

At the speed of Now - Airton Cozzolino Video A new amazing Airton Cozzolino video! Un nuovo incredibile video con il grande Airton Cozzolino! " It's a...

Aaron Hadlow – Gianmaria Coccoluto – LAKE GARDA

Aaron Hadlow - Gianmaria Coccoluto - LAKE GARDA Nel 2016, pochi giorni prima della pausa estiva, ci siamo recati sul Garda, ospiti di North Kiteboarding,...