RRD Religion MK7 “Read waves, not slogans”

Another big step ahead for our most successful kite in the range, the RRD Religion MK7, synonymous of WAVE in the international kite language. Improving the already successful Religion every year has become a real challenge. Year after year our customers add a new piece to our infinite puzzle and as always, with the RRD Religion MK7, we have succeeded.

The new completely redesigned tips allowed us to increase the responsiveness of the kite and create better sensitivity from the bar. Another major change is the reintroduction of the adjustable bridles. The bridles can be easily adjusted for a side-shore or an on-shore wind by moving the position of the bridle between two points. The new adjustments allows the possibility to change the pressure on the bar, the speed of rotation and position of the kite in the wind window.
Another strength of the Religion is the super reinforced construction that has always characterized this kite. The new graphics have allowed us to create a new web of reinforcements of Dacron on the canopy that give the whole structure of the kite an incomparable rigidity. A true bullet proof construction that makes the body construction between 40% heavy duty Dacron fabrics and 60% lightweight canopy. A unique mix used only in the Religion kites which creates superior crash resistance and extends the lifespan of the kite.

The new RRD Religion MK7 allows for a bigger range of use both on the high and low end of the kite. More power, better lift during jumps, and an enormous progressive de-power that will stop the kite power exactly when you need it. Simply put, this kite is a throttle in your hands. Gearing up your rides when you need power and completely depowering the kite while you are on the wave, the Religion is the perfect wave kite.
Since its first introduction, this kite has changed in every version together with the evolution of riding waves with a kite. If the ocean is your church, then look no further than the Religion.

Sizes: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10,5 / 12

RRD Religion MK7 10



• 3 struts design body to save weight and improve handling
• sizes 9-10,5 and 12 have a different wingtip design and lighter construction to perform better in light winds
• sizes 8-7-6-5-4 have the classic wider wingtip design of the Religion kites and are designed to perform better in medium or strong winds
• Bullet proof construction creating a strong structural frame with dacron fabric
• New Sideshore/Onshore bridle attachment points to trim the kite according to specific conditions
• Internal extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel, to secure long lasting stitching & a rigid connection
• Exclusive Strut/Leading edge reinforcement panel sawn at 45 degrees: this spreads the impact loads on a wider area (only on bigger sizes)
• V-TIP design back line attachment. This specially designed panel and heavy duty construction allow a better load spread on this hi stressed area
• Quick Air Flow Valve for easier pumping and deflating, with
special moulded protection cap
• Radial reinforcements on the tips to improve durability
• Tips equipped with bridle anti-tangle device