The three times King of the Air Kevin Langeree from 1 January 2020 has left Naish Kites after a long militancy to launch his own brand Reedin Kites together with his former colleague Damien Girardin, who for many years was Head Product Designer for the Hawaiian brand and creator, among others, of the best seller kite Naish Pivot.

Reedin kites therefore starts as a start-up based in the Netherlands starting from its freeride kite Supermodel and its Dream Stick bar and then expanding to a complete range of high-level twin tip boards and surfboards.

“The Super model is designed with the simple observation that whether you’re new to kiteboarding or aspire to ride as hard as Kevin Langeree, you need an intuitive and easy kite that lets you focus on your riding while taking you to the next level. It targets riders, that want to have fun in any conditions doing all types of riding.” 

Speking about the Reedin Supermodel performance, which we will be able to try soon, we believe that the “numbers” shown by Kevin at the last King of the Air, where he came out from the direct confrontation with the winner Jasse Richman, and in the various youtube videos that appeared on line from January to today, have provided a clear evidence of the extraordinary flight characteristics of this kite, for sure there could be no doubt about this considering the caliber of the team that developed it.

We would like to point out for those of you interested in pre-order Reedin Kites products, getting one of the very first model of the Supermodel, that one of the first official dealer for is, the European leading eCommerce, which we invite you to contact to get your special offer.

Welcome Reedin Kites!!



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