Flying Hearts – A KITE TO FLY

Wind Therapy: the first project ever done to experiment beneficial effects of Kitesurfing for teenagers with psyco-behaviour diseases. Fashion and Lifestyle brand are the first ones believing in Flyin Hearts and supporting the research. An online auction organised by Charity Stars to collect founds with n° 6 unique Cabrinha branded Kites.

FLYING HEARTS WIND THERAPY starts its activity on the beginning of 2015: it is the first worldwide organisation supporting a research to proof Kitesurfing beneficial effects on teenagers with diseases such as depression ,panic attacks, asociality, etc.

The first camps have been organised this summer with the medical crew of Ospedale Santa Giuliana, an Italian hospital that joined the experimental project by sending Kids and Doctors to Sardinia, in Porto Pollo.

The camps combine different elements, where Kitesurf and Wind are the main focus. The goal is to create emotional levers able to awaken kids interest and reactions.
Gabriele Ghione, founder and Kitesurf instructor together with Dr. Amedeo Bezzetto, head of the medical rehab squad, created a new method to teach Kitesurf to those teenager with a holistic approach.

FH Academy, the kite school part of the organisation, does select instructors not only under the professional point of view but also from the human side.
The link and bounding that is established during the camps between each kid and his instructor is part of the magic formula of our program.

The camps have been supported by fashion and lifestyle brands and Cabrinha has been called to realise n°6 unique branded kites, FX 2016 models, that will be sold through an online auction organised by Charity Stars starting on November 9th till November 22nd.

  1. LUI, iconic french magazine relaunched by Jean-Yves Le Fur – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 8
  2. REDEMPTION, Italian high fashion brand with motorcycle inspiration, founded by Bebe Moratti, Daniele Sirtori and Vanni Laghi – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 12
  3. VIONNET – iconic fashion brand of the ‘60s, relaunched by Goga Ashkenazi – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 8
  4. ICEBERG – Italian fashion brand very beloved by rappers and celebrities , managed by Paolo Gerani – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 10
  5. 515 – creative agency based in berlin and Torino – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 8
  6. JEEP – Cabrinha FX 2016, mt 10

Each Kite collector will be invited to an exclusive Cabrinha test experience in Porto Pollo during the next SS16 season, with Alberto Rondina, world champion and brand ambassador.