Over The Ocean And Through The Woods


Prendi un grande, un grandissimo, Robby Naish, aggiungici un altro americano fuori di testa, Jesse Richman, e un Olandese Re del Big Air…mettili su un camper “piccolo piccolo”….e mandali in giro alla scoperta di nuovi spot della West Coast!

What do you get when you take 2 Hawaiians and a flying Dutchman on a road trip? An ocean full of bad jokes, fast food, and endless kitesurfing sessions. Travel over the ocean and through the woods with Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman as they make their way down the West coast in search of one-of-a-kind kiteboarding spots.

Kevin Langeree: “In June Robby Naish, Jesse Richman and I drove down the coast from Portland to San Francisco in the biggest RV I have ever seen together with loads of junk food I got a great tast of the American culture. Check out our latest Naish Kiteboarding movie about our trip and make sure you don’t miss the last 3 min. Thats where the funny shit happens”.