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Kiteboarding: 3 Tricks to Learn Before You Start Unhooking!

This is for any kitesurfer who has gotten to the point of doing a few beginner tricks and is ready to start stepping up...

Kitefoil: how to do the CANERI Man

Tutorial n°10: how to do the CANERI Man. Look carefully this video to see key points of this tricks and comment it! Do you want to...

Kitefoil: How to Hydrofoil Strapless

Studiate attentamente questo video e sarete in grado di fare i primi passi verso il riding hydrofoil strapless, non è entusiasmante???? Non non vediamo l'ora...

Tutorial – Back Roll Strapless

Qualche consiglio del Best team rider Nuno Stru per realizzare un perfetto Back Roll Strapless sulle onde

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