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Amazing Video from Brazil with Mitu Monteiro – Surfin Sem Fim

Mitu Monteiro in Brazil You have to watch this amazing video from the Brazilian most beautiful spots, pure poetry! See more at: www.surfinsemfim.com.br

Novità kites Naish 2016/2017

Novità kites Naish 2016/2017 Da qualche settimana Naish ha presentato le sue vele “speciali” della stagione Naish 2016/2017, quelle create per le condizioni di vento...

BWS in Dominican Republic – Day 1

BWS in Dominican Republic By Andreas Lagopoulus It’s 8:41am and my mate Oliver Dadswell from Eye Fly Films is twenty one minutes late for picking me...

Starting fresh: Cook Islands Video

Starting fresh: Cook Islands Video After almost 2 years of no riding due to injuries, I finally took a trip to the Cook Islands for...

Shawn Richman in Kenya

Shawn Richman Makes Memories in Kenya. Video shot and edited by Anna Campbell.


KITE SAFARI: Just Ride! Kiteboarding is not just about going higher, faster or better than somebod else. It do not have to be always a...

Dakhla Attitude presents… Cast Away

Cast Away with Rita Arnaus Our own particular version of CAST AWAY by Dakhla Attitude's Media Team (Filmurray) with Rita Arnaus at Dakhla... enjoy! JOIN US...

Cruise Mode – Tona Boards video

Cruise Mode Sometimes you need to take your foot off the pedal and put things in to cruise mode. Tag along with official Tona Boards...

The Getaway: Kiteboarding in Paradise 4k video

The Getaway: Kiteboarding in Paradise 4k video Kiteboarding has the ability to take you to some amazing places and experience some amazing things. We are...

The Cuban Ride – Lucas Arsenault

A nice video about a Cuban trip. Lucas says: I'm stoked to annouce my new collaboration with Cabrinha kites and NP surf. This little video...

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