The history of kitesurfing in Indonesia with Reo Stevens

Reo Stevens gives us an in depth look into how Indonesia made obtaining kiteSURFING’s original “Holy Grail” of getting barreled with a kite obtainable and how its shaped barrel riding within the sport of kitesurfing through the years.

reo stevens keahi de aboitiz

Produced and Edited by:
Reo Stevens

Reo Stevens, Keahi De Aboitiz, Will James, Martin Vari, Jeff Tobias, Jaime Herraiz, Ben Wilson, Ian Alldredge

John Bilderback, Reo Stevens, Keahi De Aboitiz

Video by:
“Space Monkeys 2” – Buster Tronolone and Tronolone Productions

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“Ho Chi Minh” – by Darren Leigh Purkiss

“Slow Down” – by Phil Panton / Doug Panton / Oliver Daldry / Thomas Newman

“Last To Survive 2” – by John DeFaria

“Burning On Through The Night” – by Samuel Telford / Joshua Telford / Jordan Smith