Noè Font, TripleS Wildcard


The first time I heard about the Triple S invitational was in 2011, since then I’ve followed the event really close, and every time I liked it more and more. It’s a completely different format and the disciplines are different than the regular Kiteboarding World Tour.
Last year I submitted a video as well, but unfortunately there were other riders who deserved it more than me. After that I focused on improving my rail riding a lot as it’s something I’m really enjoying now, I headed to Canada in the summer to film for “Northern Fresh” which was my first big rail project with a kite. That really motivated me to keep practicing the whole wake style thing with rails, kickers and other kind of obstacles.
Now with more experience on it, I’m submitting another video for a chance to get the wildcard of the TripleS Invitational 2015.

Wish me luck!


il video di Noè Font per la wildcard al TripleS 2015! go Noè gooooooooo

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