Megaloop challenge – Joshua Emanuel


Ricordiamo che è in corso lo stand by per il Red Bull Megaloop Challenge in Olanda. Dal 22 Aprile al 10 Novembre, si cercherà la condizione più adatta per una delle competizioni più estreme del panorama del kiteboarding mondiale, la competizione richiede almeno il via con 30 nodi. Sedici i partecipanti, questo il video di uno di loro, Joshua Emanuel, girato a Cape Town nei giorni della Red Bull King Of The Air.

The video was filmed in Cape Town in order to get into the megaloop challenge. Cameras used a GoPro 4 and a 7D.

The 16 spots for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2015 have been announced!

In the past few weeks some of the best kiteboarders have shown what they could and do best. From all the entries, the 16 kiteboarders were selected, with 8 of the 16 spots reserved for invited riders.

This year the event raises to a higher level, with participants from several countries. Competitors will come from France, Germany, United Kingdom and some other countries. They all look forward to that day when the storm will come.

Check the list of the 16 heroes:

Oli Sweeney
Linus Erdman
Jerrie van de Kop
Steven Akkersdijk
Kevin de Smidt
Nico Etienne
Lasse walker
Maarten van Es
Oleksly Bozhko
Bram Fauth
Gijs Wassenaar
Antoine Clerc
Remco Klabbers
Willem van der Meij
Joshua Emanuel
Martijn van Hoepen

The wind window is open from April 22 until November 10th. Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge takes place only in the most extreme weather conditions, the Netherlands. Big, bold storm with over 30 knots of wind.

Then this 16 riders go the water at The Spot in Zandvoort and focus it on the wind, the water, their kite and brute force.