Eric Rienstra – Fully Automatic


….chiamatela demenza senile oppure crisi di mezza età, ma a me questo modo di interpretare il kiteboarding piace da morire! Wakestyle puro e strutture,…e un po’ di follia… e ne viene fuori un video esplosivo, Eric Rienstra, rider Slingshot … e a me sta venendo voglia di costruire un park all’istante!

Eric Rienstra IS kiteboarding. When the park is set and the cameras are rolling, like a good AK-47 The Predator goes Fully Automatic.

This year was perhaps the Predator’s best lap around the sun yet. Scoring sessions from South America to Europe and back to the US again, he was unstoppable, and his massive stack of footage shows it. Fully Automatic is compiled from footage shot in Cape Hatteras and Brazil and shows that if you have a kicker and some wind, The Predator will be knocking.

Edit By Nate Appel
Shot By Nate Appel, Vincent Bergeron, Sam Medysky, Julien Kepski & Pete Hardie