The world’s oldest Kitesurfer – Pura poesia!


Introducing David : The World’s Oldest Kitesurfer

David is a 77 year old kitesurfer who absolutely defies the stereotypical view of a pensioner. After the unexpected and tragic loss of his wife, David makes the decision to live every moment to the fullest, and through this finds solace in kitesurfing. This is the story of David, and how life on the water has given him a much needed escape and feeling of freedom when needed most.

This is the first in a series of three short films by James Callum and Alex Knowles called the ‘Over Achieving Pensioners’, in partnership with Prime & Fire Selects, Talenthouse and BFI Future Film.

Prime & Fire Selects are a series of short specialist sports documentaries created by up and coming filmmakers that aim to shed light on the amazing stories of special individuals that live out their passion on a daily basis.