Introducing the new RRD hydrofoil H-Flight freeride and the RRD Dolphin1 Kite foil board

RRD want to approach kite foiling the most natural and easy way to provide riders from all kinds of levels with the best possible experience. From RRD experience most of the new foil riders start foiling by borrowing a friends’ hi -performance hydrofoil and always have a very hard time. Because of this difficulty, some may feel like this is an impossible sport.

rrd hydrofoil

The best way to get into this discipline is with the proper equipment. After a year of extensive testing RRD have developed a hybrid foil that incorporates a strong, durable, cost effective 90cm aluminium mast paired with a full carbon fuselage and changeable rear and front wings.


RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil & Dolphin1 Kite Foil Board from RRD International on Vimeo.

To reduce the learning curve and make Kitefoiling accessible to everyone, RRD also offer two different additional mast lengths to the standard mast as an optional ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package for schools and beginners;

rrd hydrofoil

The standard 90cm ‘Full Flight’ mast, which is included, and the optional 40cm ‘Take Off’ and/or 65cm ‘Touch & Go’ masts which are available as spare parts for your first flights.

One of the most important things is having a wing and fuselage that allows the perfect balance in between your feet. This balance will provide a progressive entrance to foiling, not a difficult one. The front wing, fuselage, and rear wing, enable the foil to rise out of the water progressively and smoothly at the right speed, increase stability, and allow it to easy go down-wind which is essential. Starting with a shorter mast length will also aid to the progressive entrance into kite foiling.

RRD’s really short, 40cm mast (‘Take-off’ level), is designed to develop the necessary skills to come out of the water, to get the feeling of a foil under your feet, and the way you position your body on to the board. The reaction to the foil is also exactly the same as the full height mast and will allow you to come out of the water, but not at an intimidating height. Once this stage is mastered, it is time to move to a new level, which is the 65 cm mast that allows more of a lift above the water.

The 65cm MAST (‘Touch & Go’ level) provides the full foil feel for the first time without being too intimidating. This stage of the progression process can last anywhere from 2 days to some weeks. Once comfortable with the foil in many different conditions without issue, it is time to progress to the full length 90cm mast.

The 90 cm ‘Full Flight’ mast has the perfect flex and stiffness that is very forgiving.

The behaviour of their new foil is very predictable and reliable. RRD are proud to introduce a new result of our non-stop research and development team to the market.


  • Comes standard with the 90cm mast
  • Optional ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package: 40 and/or 65 cm mast
  • Lightweight, strong and durable Aluminium mast and plate
  • Pre-preg Hybrid Carbon wings and fuselage
  • 4 hole adjustable mast plate
  • Comes standard with bag, nuts, manual and basic tool


RRD developed each foil component on the basis of the corporation of technology in Aluminium design and technology and pre-preg Carbon. So, RRD wanted to have a combination of these composite materials to create a very reliable, lightweight, but still strong and affordable foil system. RRD hydrofoil weight is all together 3.9 kg which is a very well weighted foil for a competitive price level as compared to the full carbon foils.

RRD have worked with very different technologies, and tried to create a lighter foil which allows us to still be able to sell it for an affordable price.

That’s because you don’t want to be too expensive for the first clients that buy their first foil for their learning. You can still afford it, you can learn with it and you can have fun for many months or even years. It’s a perfect free ride foil. It’s a really easy hydrofoil to learn on that you can use to go really fast to the next level, where it is still loads of fun to use as a progressive freerider.

One of the scariest parts when you go foiling is actually going downwind, with RRD hydrofoil you will be quickly in full control. You really want to try out something that will never scares you. This is particularly our aim with this foil.

RRD have decided to go, for example, for a 4 hold plate on the mast, because it is the safest system. With 4 solid screws you can also move the foil back and forth, depending on your skills and level.

An Aluminum mast is a monetary and lightweight solution that gave us the possibility to develop a very thin profile mast, that is heavily reinforced inside and has a structural 3 x stringers profile.

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