Blanchard Brothers – Home


Due giovani rider Core kiteboarding, Canadesi, i fratelli Blanchard, in una session nel loro Home Spot, perchè “nessun posto è come casa”… Il Canada, ultimamente, ci sta facendo sognare con spot che mai, forse, avremmo immaginato…

After spending half of the summer in New-Brunswick, Magdalen Islands and Vancouver, to train and to compete in the 2 biggest competitions in Canada, we decided to shoot a new video on our home spot. “Because there’s no place like home ”……
RIDER: Jason Blanchard and Eric Blanchard
SPONSORS: CORE, Ocarinakitesurf, Sceanesurf, Kiteaid
THANKS TO: DenisElectrik, AFL assurance
MUSIC: Mumford and sons the cave
CAMERA: Flavie Cormier, Claude Blanchard