This morning riders were on fire and set up an unbelievable show while they were checking out the conditions before the competition.

Wind starts blowing around 25 knots and the riders were out on their 9/10mt kites going really high and power.

Brazilian riders Carlos Mario and Set Texeira were the first rider entering the water, they immediately did some amazing big tricks like BS7 NIS5 in the first 50mt of water near to the beach.

Soon they were followed by Aaron Hadlow, Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Karolina Winkowska, Paula Novotnà, Hanna Witley any many more.

Watching at the sea it was like being in dream or like a videogame: HUGE and SUPER STYLISH TRICKS EVERYWHERE!

The overall average level is really, really hight this year and both, famous riders and newcomers are so close, for sure will are going to have an exiting competition!

Can’t wait for tomorrow, looking for good wind conditions.

Good luck to all the riders!

Giuseppe Esposito

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