Con tutto questo caldo ci voleva una session Scandinava ;-) ”Scando Sessions will be a series of edits that are following The Surfskolan Crew with...


In kiteboarding we are constantly on the lookout for new places and the right conditions. By adding waves into this equation the search becomes harder. On...

CORE Free – The Dreamcatcher #SurfPlayShred

CORE’s newest addition to its legendary Universal Series of high performance all-rounders feels right at home in the waves.

Pure WAVERIDING Experience | Walls of Liquid | North Kiteboarding Team

A pure kite-boarding experience with some of the best riders in the world! Riding with kites is one of the amazing ways to enjoy the...

Beiber can’t Kite

Ryland Blakeney | Off Season Indo 2014

Sognando tra le onde… con Mauricio Abreu

un video wave, tra kite e surf da onda, di Mauricio Abreu... filmato e prodotto da Patrick Weiland, il racconto, nelle immagini del promo...

Airton Cozzolino: Influence

With only a couple days to shoot at the end of spring, Airton scores great beachbreak and Lanes within a 24 hour period. Then...

Kite wave liquido contest -Montalto Marina- 2014

Ecco il video di Roberto Pollinzi del Kite Wave Liquido Contest a Montalto, campionato italiano wave CKI-FIV. Ricordiamo che il vincitore è stato SIMONE...

Reo Stevens and Keahi de Aboitiz Kitesurfing with the DJI Phantom

Reo Stevens and Keahi de Aboitiz take their new Quad copter out for a spin on Oahu's North Shore giving us a unique helicopter...

Keahi De Aboitiz kitebording at Teahupoo

Keahi De Aboitiz at Teahupoo Keahi is no stranger to the well known surf break Teahupoo, with it’s heavy, glassy waves offshore, it’s arguably the...