Kitesurf Tour Europe Italy – Day 1

Un altro video della prima giornata del Kitesurf Tour Europe all'Hang Loose di Gizzeria. Immagini di Icarus Sailing Media

New amazing North Kiteboarding Movie!! – Beyond

Beyond - A North Kiteboarding Movie The North Kiteboarding Freestyle-Wakestyle Team is taking their all new Vegas 2016 out for a first spin. A combination promising loads...

HAVING FUN IN SARDINIA⎜and the victory at the Ford Kite Cup

Last month was pretty exciting for me as I was enjoying my 'free' time in between the competitions. I went to Sardinia to practice...

Liam Whaley – 2015 Kitesurfing World Champion!

Liam Whaley dominates the Kiteboarding Freestyle World Tour in 2015! Liam Whaley ’s fierce dedication to the sport backed by his results after participating on...

HABITUAL – Craig Cunningham

Every fall I make the pilgrimage to the sleepy fishing village of Taiba on the Ceara coast of Brazil. It's windy everyday, glassy flat...
Alex Neto

Alex Neto joins RRD’s team starting from 2016!!

RRD makes the deal in 2016 adding to their pro team a freetyle world class athlete like Alex Neto. Hereby a short interview we had...

Pazzesco video in soggettiva!! – Cabrinha FX

Ride With Me Ep04 - Cabrinha FX session Finally I got some wind to test the new cabrinha FX kite in 12m! Two quick North-East sessions...

Kitefest 2016 – Jesse Richman & Nick Jacobsen Video!!

Bro Down Throw Down - Kitefest 2016 Longtime friends Jesse Richman (Naish) and Nick Jacobsen (Cabrinha) recently traveled to the biggest kiteboarding event in Argentina:...

Vincent TIGER • GWADA 2015

Trip Gwada 2015. Enjoy Vincent Tiger, rider FOne e la sua Tiger Production... il risultato? immagini stupende del suo ultimo trip a Guadalupa.

Handle Pass: l’approccio in acqua e l’allenamento a terra

Handle Pass: l'approccio in acqua e l'allenamento a terra Come imparare a chiudere l'Handle Pass, una delle manovre più classiche del Freestyle, nonché base di...